About me

On this page you will find a couple of details about my person.


1468786261Since my training at a higher technical college for mechatronics, my interest in electronics was getting bigger and bigger. For this reason, I began my studies in the field of “electronics & business”, with a specialisation on embedded systems. The main topic of my two bachelor thesis’ were Internet of Things. The task was to design an ultrasound measurement system that consists of two separate boards which communicate with each other wirelessly. The micro controller used is an ATmega128RFA1. The software is based on the operating system Contiki OS which has been specially programmed for IoT applications.


Currently, I am working as Electronics Engineer for Eaton Industries (Austria) GmbH in Schrems (Austria). We are developing building automation devices. For more information please visit: http://www.eaton.eu/xcomfort

Leisure Time

giant-apple-logo-bwIn my spare time, I like to experiment with microcontrollers and electronics in general too. Since I turned the back on Microsoft for several years now I completely switched to OS X and additionally Linux is also of great interest to me. The decision to create a blog was made because I like to share my experiences with you and I am also a big fan of the open source movement.

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