Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. In this first blog post I would like to present the page in general and its purpose. Right now my concept is still a little bit blurry but it will stabilize after some time. As shown in the sidebar, the entire blog is published in English as well as in German to reach a far greater target group.

Goals and themes of the blog

The first reason why I startet this website is that there are many topics with low availability of information although they are very interesting. Furthermore, my goal is on the one hand to gather and summarize information to publish an easily understandable overall concept. On the other hand I will occasionally post topics which are very interesting to me at the moment.  I am a big fan of the open-source community and want to do my stint with this website. Partly, I will post reviews of various devices, software, or even components. If there are some very interesting topics that need further explanation I will create tutorials which you can follow step by step.

I have two main areas of interest which are electronics and IT. Information Technology is restricted on the creation of software for communication with electronics and Linux in general.

Look into the future of the blog

Maybe I’ll add a forum in the future where you can discuss various topics. We’ll see whether it will be useful or not, please give me your feedback in the comments of your opinion. If the decision is made to create one, I will visit it periodically to help you as far as I can. Please also use the comment feature to point out any errors or to make suggestions for improvement. You can also give me some topics which you would love to be covered here.

I think you should now have a rough overview about how I will proceed here with this blog and hope for stimulating discussions.


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